Foreword of the Management by Managing Director Joerg Kloppert, MBA

JKBased in the proximity of Vienna, one of the most prestigious historical places of Europe, KI Pharma Alliance GmbH is an efficient young GMP and regulatory consulting and business networking company. Since 2010, we have been aligned with our licensing partner pharmavision GmbH, a pharmaceutical company based in Vienna with its distribution partners in EU and ASEAN countries. Since 2012, KI Pharma Alliance also invested substantial funds in the development of a high-class JANTIN sports nutrition line manufactured in a full GMP and HACCP compliant facility. A marketing and distribution alliance was formed in 2013.

I founded KIPA in 2008 with the vision to combine available global pharmaceutical market know how, a global network, high profile GMP knowledge and a loyal team with a view to fulfill the increasing demand for high-class, lean and cost efficient production and fully validated supply chains.

We are very proud of having successfully achieved EU GMP accreditations for several partners in South Korea, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines. Together with these partners KIPA has already established a high-value licensing business for products manufactured at the EU GMP accredited sites. Our GMP consulting projects in the ASEAN region are developing fast and since 2012, we are proud to provide our expertise also to several Health ministry operations in this region.

A substantial segment of KIPA business is a well-balanced technical expertise in combination with high-level GMP expertise. The professional support from well-known experts and team players in this area is a perfect match with the huge pharmaceutical market, business development and project management expertise. The technical and regulatory expert team is the technical interface between KIPA production partners mainly in Asia and marketing partners mainly in the regulated markets of the European Union but also in Brazil and South Africa.

Clients who benefit from the KI Pharma Alliance services are able to enhance their production efficiency, perfect their documentation, increase their development expertise and increase international business activities towards regulated markets in the European Union and other regions at the same time. Also, GMP and regulatory expertise with sourcing, site-transfer management, business development and global business can be chosen each as a separate dish from the overall KIPA service menu.

Find out what we can do for you. We will be delighted to provide our hands-on support and to include you in our network of valuable partners.

Joerg Kloppert